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Quality post-divorce parenting takes planning

When facing a divorce, you still want to be the best parent you can be. You want the best for your child. All parents do. But how can you provide the best for your child in the aftermath of a divorce?

The most important thing to remember is that children need involvement from both parents whenever this is possible and reasonable. Good parenting for divorced parents requires strategic planning, hard work and commitment from both parents.

When one partner kidnaps the child

You read stories every day of children abducted from their custodial parent by the noncustodial parent. This is always a serious violation of custody agreements. Though it is clearly a criminal action, the removal of children does not always guarantee a neat or speedy resolution, or even the safety of the child.

A Washington Post opinion piece by Prof. Jane K. Stoever, director of the domestic violence clinic at the University of California, Irvine School of Law, describes the difficulties custodial parents face trying to have their children returned,

It’s official: Times have changed in families and divorce.

Fathers Have Rights

In the past, men were the sole breadwinners in the vast majority of American homes, and husbands entering divorce proceeds could pretty much expect to lose significantly in terms of asset division, spousal and child support and parenting time.

Bird nesting puts children at the center of the parenting plan

In most divorce scenarios in which kids are involved, the divorcing couple comes up with a parenting plan that includes a schedule of when the children will be with each parent. Usually each spouse will have their own residence and the kids will move between them based on the parenting plan.

However, this approach of having the kids shuffle between the parents can cause tremendous stress for the children. Moving back and forth, sometimes at least once a week, and not really having their own central place can give them sense of displacement and it can take its toll on them emotionally. But what if there was a better way?

Divorce mediation is NOT the same as doing it on your own.

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Many couples are torn when they face divorce. On the one hand, people often want to avoid the conflict, time and costs associated with traditional divorce. On the other hand, there are significant questions about mediation. Will I have to do it on my own? What if my spouse takes advantage of me and I lose out financially?

It is important to know that determining the details of your divorce through mediation is not the same as doing it on your own.

What should you do with your business ownership in divorce?

There are many issues in every divorce. Almost all of them will impact the spouses and children for the rest of their lives.

Of all these important, life-altering decisions, one of the most challenging can be deciding what to do with a business owned by one or both of the couples.

Avoid getting stuck with your ex-spouse’s debts.

When considering a divorce, most people think about protecting their children and the things they own. They want to protect their investments, their cash, their homes, vehicles and other important assets.

This approach makes sense, but there’s another thing not enough people think about in divorce: division of debts. Similar to how assets obtained during the marriage are considered marital property, so also debts accrued during the marriage are shared. It is critical to protect yourself against sharing liability for your ex-spouse’s debts.

Custody granted to three parents.

For almost all of human history we have thought of two parents as the norm. Indeed, in the era of no-fault divorce, most of assume that only two parents at most will share parental custody after a divorce.

However, in a recent case, the judge granted custody to three parents.

Tips for Improving Your Credit Score Following a Divorce or Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy and divorce can not only flip your financial house around, it can also significantly drop your credit score. While your entire financial situation is not solely based on that three digit number, it does play a significant role in your ability to get loans for cars, homes, and credit for purchases.

Ignoring your credit score can cost you a significant amount in additional interest when applying for a loan, so getting your credit score under control is paramount to improving your finances.

This post will discuss a few tips for moving in the right direction following a major life-event such as divorce or bankrupty. 

Are women better at financial planning for divorce?

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In the past 50 years, women's liberation has taught the world just how great women really are. In almost every category involving work performance and economic success, women are at least keeping up with their male counterparts and often surpassing them.

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