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Tax deductions for divorced and unmarried parents (1 of 2)

Tax season is approaching quickly, and if you are like many Ohio residents, you may be starting to get your paperwork in order. But if you are like many Ohio residents, you may also be confused about what deductions you can make this year.

If you are an unmarried parent, there are several federal tax issues and deductions that you should consider.

Casino winnings can be garnished for unpaid child support in Ohio

The state of Ohio takes child support obligations very seriously. Each parent has a duty to financially support their child, and falling to do so can lead to severe legal and financial consequences.

One way the state now cracks down on parents with overdue child support is with an "intercept program” that uses a database to make people with large gambling winnings don’t have overdue child support. If they do, the winnings can be taken to help pay down the debt.

Ohio officials trying to stamp out heroin and fentanyl deaths

A new drug is sweeping across Ohio that is similar to but much more dangerous than heroin. According to reports, the powerful prescription painkiller fentanyl is up to 25 times stronger than heroin and has already caused many deaths in the state.

Reportedly, fentanyl, which is often sold as “pink heroin” showed up in Lorrian County at the end of 2013 and made its way into neighboring counties soon after.

The drug can be extremely dangerous when people don’t realize that is has been laced into heroin and end up taking a toxic dose. 

Campus chaos erupts after Ohio State championship win

The Ohio State University football team gave students plenty to celebrate Monday night by winning the national championship game against the Oregon Ducks. However, the revelry turned to chaos early Tuesday morning after fans emptied out of bars and campus buildings and into the streets.

Police and SWAT team members used tear gas and pepper spray against hundreds of fans that were cheering, dancing, jumping and yelling outside of the Ohio Union, blocking North High Street.

What are the benefits of mediation?

One of the reasons divorce can be so stressful is because of all of the decision-making involved. At the very beginning, the couple has to address the huge decision of whether to get divorced in the first place. Next, the couple has to decide which divorce process they want to use.

As we discussed in an article on our website, people in Ohio have several divorce processes to choose from, ranging from the traditional litigation process where the parties go to court over issues they can’t agree on to the uncontested process where the parties are able to agree to all of the terms of their split.

Ohio law enforcement targeted drunk drivers over the holidays

Law enforcement throughout the state of Ohio was amped up for the New Year’s Eve holiday in effort to remove drunk drivers from the roads.

A sergeant with the State Highway Patrol said DUI arrests typically spike during the holiday season and last year there were 648 DUI arrests in the state between Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve. That doesn’t count the arrests that were made after the clock struck midnight on Jan. 1.

The total number of DUI arrests for this year’s holiday season has not yet been reported, but it is likely just as high.

Why divorce filings skyrocket this time of year

The new year is all about starting fresh and making new goals, and for some Ohio residents, that means finally ending a marriage that is no longer working.

January is informally known as Divorce Month because family law attorneys throughout the nation say it’s the most popular month of the year for divorce filings. Yesterday, the first Monday after New Year’s, has also been dubbed Divorce Day as it is supposedly the busiest day of the year for divorce filings.

Ohio couple faces trafficking in controlled substances charges

Ohio residents who have been charged with manufacturing, distributing or trafficking of controlled substances may realize that they face the possibility of hefty fines and even incarceration. Ohio authorities see such charges as serious crimes, and if convicted, it could have an adverse impact on an accused person's life, including his or her career. They may want to obtain legal assistance to protect their legal rights in fighting any charges related to controlled substances.

An Ohio couple was recently pulled off the road by deputies for a traffic violation. The sheriff stated that deputies reported observing the smell of marijuana when they spoke with the couple in the car. This led to the deputies searching the vehicle, and they allegedly seized drug-related equipment, including glass pipes that are commonly used for smoking methamphetamine, and hypodermic needles. In addition, methamphetamine with a total weight of 37 grams was found in the car.

Woman faces criminal charges after alleged overdose death

Every year, prosecutors make an even greater effort to hold responsible those who sell lethal substances that can lead to fatal overdoses. In cases in which a person has been arrested on drug trafficking charges, states are attempting to file additional criminal charges if one of the accused's former customers died as a result of the drugs he or she purchased. One Ohio woman is now facing a manslaughter charge in the aftermath of another woman's death.

The 26-year-old woman was arrested in July on charges of drug trafficking and possession of narcotics. She was recently charged with manslaughter after the state compiled the evidence the prosecutor claims supports the new charge. The accused woman allegedly sold less than a gram of heroin of to a 29-year-old woman who was discovered deceased in her residence the day after the alleged transaction.

Women who understand finances often fare better after divorce

As one year winds down and another commences, people often think about the aspects of life they wish to improve upon going forward. For women, one of those areas might include financial understanding, especially in the event of an impending divorce or other family breakdown. With the divorce rate holding fairly steady at around 50 percent, Ohio women may benefit from learning more about their financial situations and how to protect their assets.

There are admittedly many women who are fully capable of dealing with every aspect of their financial lives. However, a recent report suggested that up to a quarter of women do not take an active role in managing household finances. Additionally, of the wives who do take part in managing the marital assets, an estimated 75 percent of them are not as fully involved as their spouses.

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