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Columbus Divorce Law Blog

Do I have the right to a court-appointed lawyer?

As you may already know, the U.S. Constitution affords citizens many rights, including the right to an attorney in some situations.

This right was further defined in a 1963 Supreme Court case when it was held that free legal representation is necessary for defendants in criminal cases when they cannot afford to hire a private lawyer and they face the possibility of incarceration.

When divorce is actually better for the kids

This weekend, there was a “Dear Abby” letter from a woman who had feelings of resentment and anger toward her husband arise after fighting a serious health battle. (You can read the entire column here.)

Ultimately, the woman said she was very unhappy with her marriage but was willing to stay in the marriage and pretend to be happy with her husband for the sake of her children. She said she really wanted her children to have the two-parent upbringing that both she and her husband missed out on.

Thinking about relocating with your child? We can help

Any parent in Ohio can tell you that life is full of changes. Sometimes, life changes may lead to a relocation. Whether you have a new job opportunity in a different state or your aging parents need a caretaker, moving is a part of life for many people. When you are divorced and the primary custodian of your children, however, you must go through the courts to change your custody arrangement before moving.

Statistics show many Ohio drivers refuse OVI breath tests

Most people in Ohio are aware of the fact that police officers often administer a breath test during a drunk driving arrest. The breath test measures your blood-alcohol content and can be used against you in court.

Submitting to a breath test if you are arrested for OVI is not mandatory. In fact, a recent report found that a significant number of people in Ohio have chosen to refuse the test. Refusing the test, however, comes with consequences, too. So, what should you do?

What to do after your child has been charged with a crime

As a parent, you want your child to have the best future possible, and you want to prevent anything from standing in the way of that happening.

That’s why you need to act quickly and carefully anytime your child is facing criminal charges, whether they seem serious in nature or not.

Ohio teens charged after ‘alarming’ Instagram posts

Teenagers do a lot of things without thinking through the possible consequences of their actions, including posting to social media. Two high school students from Lawrence County, Ohio, learned this the hard way after they were arrested last week and charged with serious crimes.

The arrests were made after investigators said “alarming material” was posted on Instagram, it was reported. The Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office was made aware of the posts by Fairland School District officials and an investigation immediately ensued. 

How the 5 stages of grief apply to divorce

For many people, a divorce can feel like a death, and in some ways that comparison is fairly accurate since a divorce marks the end of an important relationship.

Divorce can also evoke the same five stages of grief and loss that were first described in the 1969 book “On Death and Dying” by Elisabeth Kübler-Ross, a recent article from the Huffington Post explained.

Members of Ohio family arrested in alleged drug bust

There were 34 members of the same Ohio family arrested regarding an alleged drug bust. Police reportedly also seized $400,000 in cocaine during the arrests.

The actions of law enforcement officers apparently began sometime last year when investigation of this matter began. Efforts by officials increased during the past couple of months and resulted in arrests on March 13 and March 16. Besides 3.4 kilos of cocaine, authorities also supposedly seized five guns and approximately $85,000 in cash. The claimed leads purportedly paid for large-scale purchases from dealers in Cleveland.

Supreme Court to weigh in on Ohio’s same-sex marriage ban

There are now 37 states now recognize same-sex marriage, but Ohio is not one of them. Not only does the state not want to perform same-sex marriages, it also wants to avoid having to recognize the legality of marriages performed in other states.

Not only does this create a problem for same-sex couples in the state who wish to marry, it also creates a problem for same-sex married couples who move to Ohio and then wish to divorce or figure out child custody issues

Facing prescription drug charges? Call us right away

If you have been charged with a drug crime related to prescription drugs, you should know that your future is in jeopardy.

Many people who are charged with seemingly minor drug crimes, such as drug possession, are often tempted to plead guilty just so that they can move on from the terrible experience and leave it in their past.

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