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Ohio sex crime sentencing battle headed for third appeal

There is a great deal of disagreement in the federal judicial system when it comes to sentencing individuals convicted on child pornography crimes. As evidence, just look at the case of a 71-year-old Ohio man out of Knox County.

He pleaded guilty in 2009 to a single count of possessing child pornography on his computer. Federal guidelines recommend that judges sentence those convicted on such a charge to from 63 to 78 months in prison. But, exercising his legitimate discretion, the judge sentenced the defendant to one day behind bars and 10 years of supervised probation. 

Support matters need special attention in Ohio divorce

If there is one thing that is constant in life, it is that there will be change. For a very long time, the standard notion of family in the U.S. had the father as the breadwinner and mom the homemaker. That was the norm in Ohio, West Virginia, and just about everywhere else.

But experts would likely agree that the description of the traditional family has undergone a tectonic shift. In some, the old model still holds. More often, these days, both parents are working to try to support the family. And in some instances, there's been a role reversal with mom the breadwinner and dad being the parent at home.

At the heart of all the various scenarios is the issue of money. 

Ohio man among 3 arrested in multi-state drug probe

The battle against drugs in Ohio is taken very seriously. The problem of drug abuse in the state has been described by some as being of pandemic proportions. Because of that, state lawmakers are in the midst of a holding a series of hearings across the state to examine the topic. The first of four, as the Wilmington News Journal reported, was held this week.

Of particular concern to officials is the spread of heroin in the state. It should come as no surprise, then, that authorities are pouring a lot of resources into doing what they can to clamp down on suspected drug dealing. One example of their efforts is evident in the recent reported arrests of at least four individuals on a variety of drug charges.

What determines who's arrested in Ohio domestic violence cases?

Cases involving alleged domestic violence are among the most complicated and often confusing that can be brought to the courts in Ohio. That can be especially true if the violence erupts out of issues related to a divorce or child custody dispute. The reasons are many.

To begin with, it doesn't take much to spark an arrest for possible domestic violence. The Ohio criminal code makes clear that police have broad authority to arrest individuals in such cases. And one of the factors that they can cite for taking action is the mere expression of fear of physical harm by one or the other party involved.

Ex-Newark band director sent to prison for sex crimes

A former band teacher in Licking County is beginning a jail sentence of at least six months and as long as four years and 10 months. He could have received a maximum of 30 years of incarceration if he'd been convicted of all the allegations against him.

News reports recorded that the 33-year-old defendant was in court for his sentencing today. Joining him was a large group of supporters including his wife. He pleaded guilty to a reduced set of charges, avoiding a trial and assuring him the hope of a future that may include being able to see his son grow.

Ohio child custody: Rules 27 and 22 are really guidelines

Family affairs are never easy. There are children to transport, jobs to get to, activities to attend, school years to prepare for. There may be homes you know of where all things run like a well-oiled machine. But it's more likely that the bustle of life has most families feeling as if they're being pulled in different directions.

Consider what happens then in the event mom and dad divorce. Not only are all the previous demands on time still present, but now they require a level of coordination that might strain the brains of even the best logistics experts. Who gets Johnny and Judy, when? Where do the kids need to be? How will they get there? What's fair? What's in the children's best interest?

Ohio, West Virginia, miss the cut for worst divorce states

Divorce is rarely an easy thing. Whether you are a couple dissolving a relationship in West Virginia or Ohio, chances are that the process is going to present legal challenges at times. That's one reason why working with an experienced attorney is always advised.  

There is the likelihood of an emotional toll, of course. And in situations where child custody and support issues need to be decided, the effects clearly extend far beyond the divorcing adults. But another factor that can negatively color the divorce process can be the financial cost. One way many couples choose to address this issue is by pursing a negotiated settlement that delivers optimal outcomes without the expense of courtroom litigation. 

Unique housing forms can make for division challenges in divorce

What kind of housing do you live in? Chances are that if you live in Columbus, you live in a single family home. Alternatively, you might live in a condominium or an apartment. If someone mentions they live in a co-operative situation, however, the reaction that likely follows is a cock of the head and the question, "What is a co-op?"

To be sure, co-ops are not as common in our neck of the woods as they are in New York or Florida. But as recently as a year ago, there was one co-op organization in the Marble Cliff complex. It got featured in The Columbus Dispatch and the point of the story was how co-op living arrangements present unique challenges to buyers and sellers. And that got us thinking about what challenges such arrangements might present in the event of divorce.

Authorities claim takedown of major Athens Co. drug ring

The prosecutor in Ohio's Athens County says now would be a good time for anyone considering illegal prescription pill use to seek treatment services. He says that's because a major source of such products is now out of the picture.

His suggestion follows the takedown of what is alleged to be a Glouster-based drug trafficking ring that has operated for years in Athens and Meigs Counties. The comments follow word of the arrest last week of a former Detroit police officer who is suspected of being the ring's leader and main supplier.

With Shepherd-Sally surrogate baby near, no clarity on custody

One of the most unusual celebrity family law disputes of the year hangs in a state of limbo. There's really no way of knowing how the matter is going to play out. While the labels haven't been employed as far as we can tell, it seems the case might well warrant the moniker of the perfect child custody storm, or the mother of all child custody battles.

What we're talking about is the legal wrangling involving former "The View" co-host Sherri Shepherd and her estranged husband, Lamar Sally. Caught in the middle of the matter is a baby being carried by a surrogate. The infant is due to be born any day now and the question of who will have child custody remains unresolved.

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