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Avoid getting stuck with your ex-spouse’s debts.

When considering a divorce, most people think about protecting their children and the things they own. They want to protect their investments, their cash, their homes, vehicles and other important assets.

This approach makes sense, but there’s another thing not enough people think about in divorce: division of debts. Similar to how assets obtained during the marriage are considered marital property, so also debts accrued during the marriage are shared. It is critical to protect yourself against sharing liability for your ex-spouse’s debts.

Custody granted to three parents.

For almost all of human history we have thought of two parents as the norm. Indeed, in the era of no-fault divorce, most of assume that only two parents at most will share parental custody after a divorce.

However, in a recent case, the judge granted custody to three parents.

Tips for Improving Your Credit Score Following a Divorce or Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy and divorce can not only flip your financial house around, it can also significantly drop your credit score. While your entire financial situation is not solely based on that three digit number, it does play a significant role in your ability to get loans for cars, homes, and credit for purchases.

Ignoring your credit score can cost you a significant amount in additional interest when applying for a loan, so getting your credit score under control is paramount to improving your finances.

This post will discuss a few tips for moving in the right direction following a major life-event such as divorce or bankrupty. 

Are women better at financial planning for divorce?

Thumbnail image for Fotolia_Business Woman.jpg

In the past 50 years, women's liberation has taught the world just how great women really are. In almost every category involving work performance and economic success, women are at least keeping up with their male counterparts and often surpassing them.

Ohio stands up to unfair civil forfeiture laws

Due process makes a comeback

pile of cash.jpg

The Senate Judiciary Committee has voted to approve Sen. Jeff Sessions as President Trump's pick for Attorney General. Now, the matter will move to the full Senate, for Sessions' confirmation vote. As AG, Sessions will serve as a member of Trump's Cabinet, and will head up the Justice Dept. as the country's top government lawyer. At the DOJ, Sessions will play a major role in law enforcement.

How will we defeat the $1 trillion student loan monster?

Do you know how much outstanding student loan debt there is nationwide?


The figure is more than $1 trillion.

Some say it's only a matter of time before we have our first American trillionaire. For the rest of us, it takes around 40 million college-educated Americans to reach that number, in the form of outstanding student loan debt.

True or false? In 2017, Ohio drivers can blow through red lights

True, but only under very limited circumstances.

red traffic light 2.jpg

It's the new year, which means new laws. In Ohio, one of those new laws involves traffic lights. "Drivers can go through red lights under certain situations," according to WHIO News, "but police are cautioning motorists."

The caution is that drivers can only go through red lights if the red lights aren't working as they should.

Ohio's proposed new law is ... beastly

Inside the sausage factory of criminal lawmaking...


Henry Grabar in Slate writes about Ohio lawmakers' move to stop Cleveland from making its own laws: "At a gangbusters lame-duck legislative session," Grabar writes, "Ohio Republicans have passed an anti-local omnibus bill to strip power from the state's cities and towns."

In an omnibus bill, one that includes many different topics, voting remains a yes or no matter. In other words, you vote for (or against) the entire package.

This means, when it comes to Senate Bill 331:

Cincinnati & Cleveland on NFL's 'radar' for fan violence, police arrests

"If you are concerned about bringing your family to a game, then that is an issue. It's not just an issue for one team; it's an issue for all 32 teams. The teams know this. The league knows this."

- Amy Trask, former Raiders executive


Arrests have "trended slightly upward" recently, according to the Washington Post, in the stadiums and parking lots of NFL games. Despite the overall trend, there's other data, too: Arrests go up when the home team loses. Arrests go up when the game is close. Arrests go up during evening and weeknight games. And the NFL knows it's a problem, because when there's been an arrest, it means there's been some unruly behavior.

Qualifying conditions under Ohio's medical marijuana program and the affirmative defense

medical marijuana.jpg

House Bill 523 became Ohio law effective Sept. 8 of this year. With its passage, Ohio became another state to allow the use of marijuana for qualifying medical conditions. The law also provides for an affirmative defense against a charge for possession.

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