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Columbus Divorce Law Blog

Why you should take a stand against unpaid child support

For years, we have been told that children whose parents get divorced end up worse off than other kids. But new research has suggested that it’s actually financial security that impacts a child’s future the most.

NBC News reported that the non-partisan, non-profit group Council on Contemporary Families (CCF) analyzed data from the U.S. Census and determined that a family’s economic situation makes a greater impact on a child’s wellbeing than whether the child’s parents are married or divorced. 

Divorce sees request for $1 million per month in child support

Over the last few months, it seems as if the news headlines have been filled with stories of not just high-profile divorce cases, but high-profile divorce cases with potentially billions of dollars at stake.

Take the example of Harold Hamm, the billionaire Oklahoma oil magnate who is still locked in a bitter divorce battle with his ex-wife despite having written a check for close to $1 billion. Alternatively, consider the case of Ken Griffin, founder of the Chicago-based investment firm Citadel, which is estimated to be worth close to $5.5 billion.

We help Columbus fathers stand up for their rights

Are you an unmarried father who is trying to start a relationship or build a relationship with your children? If so, you have probably come to the realization that the laws can be very frustrating to men in your position.

What it comes down to is that having a biological link to your children is not enough if you were not married to their mother when they were born or you did not sign their birth certificate or a recognition of parentage.

Franklin County takes plea agreement in child porn case

Obviously, the state of Ohio takes sex crimes involving children extremely seriously. That’s why it is so important to work with a skilled defense lawyer when facing these types of charges.

As part of a plea agreement, nine out of ten counts against a Franklin County, Ohio, man accused of downloading and sharing child pornography were dismissed.

How to keep your divorce expenses down

As everyone knows, going through a divorce isn’t just emotionally draining, it can also drain your bank account if you are not careful. The good news is that many divorce-related expenses can be mitigated if you know what you are doing.

Here are a few helpful tips to follow for keeping your divorce expenses down:

Parenting tips for divorce dads

Going through divorce as a parent can be very hard and both men and women; however, it can be especially hard on fathers who have to deal with the presumption that mothers are the better parent.

At our law firm in Columbus, Ohio, we work with men who are in all stages of divorce and child custody proceedings. Our No. 1 objective with these clients is to listen, in order to identify their goals so that we can map out a strategy to reach those goals.

Ohio bill could overrule rape statute of limitations

In our last post, we explained how statutes of limitation were adopted in order to make sure that criminal convictions are not made based on evidence that has deteriorated over time.

For that reason, prosecutors often only have a limited number of years to file charges for various crimes, and when that time runs out, the criminal is essentially a free man or woman, a article explains.

What is a statute of limitations?

A statute of limitations is an important law that sets the maximum period during which a lawsuit can be filed. Under the scope of criminal law, a statute of limitations prohibits prosecutors from charging someone with a crime after a certain number of years have passed.

As a article reports, the overall purpose of statutes of limitation is to make sure that charges are filed while physical and eyewitness evidence has not been distorted by time. In some cases, once the time allotted by the statute of limitation has passed, the person who committed the crime is essentially off the hook, so long as certain requirements are met.

When prescription drugs lead to drugged driving charges

The Ohio State Highway Patrol is now training the state's police force to recognize and handle drivers who are under the influence of drugs.

A sergeant with the Highway Patrol’s Brook Park post, who is training his colleagues to detect the signs of drugged driving, said heroin and marijuana are two of the most common drugs that drivers are found to be impaired by.

What is shared parenting?

If you are a parent who is going through divorce, you have many important choices ahead of you. One of the most important choices you will have to make involves what kind of custody arrangement you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse will use to share time with your child after the divorce.

In the past, mothers were often given primary custody of the children while fathers were given visitation rights, typically on the weekends. But the times have changed, and now more parents and courts are getting behind the shared parenting movement. 

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