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Your first offense of just .08 percent BAC can mean up to six months in jail and a suspended license.

Hire aggressive defense that protects your rights and your future!

If you have been charged with DUI, your first action should be to know your rights. Many drivers charged with DUI in West Virginia and Ohio are led to believe they are required to talk to the police and prosecutors and take additional tests without an attorney present. At the OVI defense law office of Amy M. Levine & Associates, we want you to know that putting an aggressive, knowledgeable drunk driving defense attorney at your side right away often makes the biggest difference in the outcome of your case. Attorney Amy Levine has earned a reputation throughout western West Virginia and central Ohio prosecutors' offices for providing aggressive criminal defense that is focused on getting the best outcome possible for our clients. We have helped many people who have been charged with first time or repeat OVI offenses. We can help you.

Make your first legal decision the right one. Contact the Columbus DUI attorney's office of Amy M. Levine & Associates before you say another word to the police or prosecutors. We know that you are confused and frightened about your charges. We will be by your side, fighting aggressively to protect your future. Trust your defense to our knowledge of OVI defense.

DUI, OVI, drunk driving violation defense:

  • Felony DUI charges, vehicular assault, homicide
  • Driver's license suspension defense
  • Driving with a suspended license
  • Illegal search and seizure defense
  • Probable cause defense
  • DMV administrative hearings
  • Driver's license reinstatement
  • Speeding and reckless driving defense

If you have been charged with OVI, or a related offense in West Virginia or Ohio, you need legal representation right away. Contact the Columbus DUI lawyer's office of Amy M. Levine & Associates for a free initial consultation. Stop worrying. Start protecting your future.