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If you are parenting a child, but are not married, you may have a vested interest in establishing or refuting the paternity of the child, whether you are the father or the mother. If your relationship ends, certain rights you have with respect to the child will depend on a determination of paternity. As the mother, you can establish a right to child support or challenge a claim for custody or visitation. As the potential or alleged father, you can garner access to the child or refute any request for support.

At the law offices of Amy M. Levine & Associates, we have a solid understanding of the laws governing paternity in Ohio and West Virginia. We start our representation by listening, making certain we understand all the relevant facts of your case. We will take the time to explain the family law and process, as well as your options regarding the establishment of paternity. We will also provide you with a realistic expectation of your chances of success.

To discuss your concerns, contact our office or call us, Amy M. Levine & Associates. Your first consultation is free.

Columbus Parental Rights Attorney

We will represent either party in a paternity dispute, helping you do whatever is legally necessary to protect your rights. Don't simply assume that taking certain action is conclusive evidence for or against paternity. For example, signing a birth certificate as the father creates a presumption of paternity, but that presumption can be refuted. If you don't believe you are the biological father, but signed the birth certificate, we can still introduce evidence to challenge the presumption of paternity.

If you believe you are the biological father and want to protect your rights, it is critical that you take the right steps to protect your interests. In most instances, the biological mother, as the custodial parent, has the upper hand, and can cooperate with you and grant the rights you seek, or she can keep you from your child. We will help you file a petition with the court, so your rights will be set forth in writing.

We address all issues related to paternity, including:

  • Your rights and responsibilities regarding a blood or DNA test
  • What happens if you have verbally acknowledged paternity
  • The effect of living with a child and functioning as a parent, even if you are not the biological father

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