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Probate is the process through which a person's assets are distributed after his or her death. Even if the decedent had a will and an estate plan in place, depending upon the circumstances, there are times when his or her estate must go through a formal probate process to make sure that debts are paid and that assets are handed out according to his or her wishes.

With offices in Columbus, Ohio, and Huntington, West Virginia, the attorneys of Amy M. Levine & Associates handle a full range of estate planning and probate matters, including:

  • Estate planning — Our attorneys help individuals and families develop strong estate plans, from comprehensive, tax-saving plans to simple wills and trusts.
  • Estate administration — We help clients administer the estates of loved ones they have lost, guiding them through probate when appropriate.
  • Probate litigation — When disagreements arise, we help our clients protect their interests. Other lawyers often seek out our knowledgeable litigators in complex probate litigation matters.
  • Stepparent adoption — In the state of Ohio, adoption proceedings are supervised by the county court and require legal representation. We can help you adopt a stepchild and secure parental rights.

Can I Avoid Probate?

Few people look forward to the probate process, and many of our clients wish to avoid it altogether. To many people, the idea of the state distributing assets without regard for their wishes is unappealing. Fortunately, proper estate planning tools may help you avoid probate in the event of your death or incapacity. Developing a thorough estate plan allows you to make critical decisions about what will happen to your property in the future.

If your family situation has recently changed, now is the perfect to develop or update an estate plan. We can help you reach your goals for the future, whether you want to save for a child's education, leave money to a charity you support or leave certain property to certain loved ones.

Respecting Your Interests And Your Loved Ones In Probate Matters

We understand that emotions are often running high in matters of probate, adoption and estate planning. We have helped hundreds of people with concerns just like yours, and we are proud to offer clients the sound advice and compassionate counsel they need when making difficult decisions.

From our office in Columbus, Ohio, we represent clients all over Franklin County. We also have an office in Huntington, West Virginia. To learn more about our practice and arrange a consultation, please call 614-360-2942 or send us an email using our contact form.