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Columbus Legal Blog

Who gets the dog? Pet custody rules are changing.

People love their pets. Whether you have a dog, cat, guinea pig or other furry creature, chances are you are concerned about what could happen with your pet in divorce.

Ohio law is clear in this regard: Pets are treated as property in divorce cases. The law has been settled in this matter for a long time. But is it as settled as it seems? The same laws were similarly settled in other jurisdictions, yet they are changing rapidly. Could similar changes be coming soon to Ohio?

Need to know if your spouse is cheating? There’s an app for that.

Most people can hang on in a difficult relationship through almost anything. Almost anything. Except the most absolutely die-hard committed spouses, marital infidelity (cheating) is the one thing that they cannot work through and keep the marriage alive. It is the last straw for most people.

But for many in a struggling relationship, they aren’t sure whether their spouse is really cheating on them. You might be in this position: You are definitely struggling in the relationship, your partner seems distant and you have your suspicions. But you don’t want to quit on the relationship until you know for sure. What can you do?

Marriage can be dissolved, but shared debt could last a lifetime.

If you are considering a divorce or if you’ve already initiated the divorce process, you’re probably thinking about starting your new life and the newfound freedom that lies ahead.

However, while divorce might seem like a complete detangling of your life from your spouse’s life, there is one thing that will continue binding you to your ex-spouse until it is handled completely: your shared debt.

Protecting Your Children in Divorce

The children are often the most pressing concern for divorcing spouses. Traditionally, the divorce process would involve both parties fighting it out in the courtroom, battling for victory on every disputed issue that arises. Far too often, the children are caught in the middle of this battle, and they are the ones who suffer the most in the process.

Divorce mediation can provide a strong solution to the emotional challenges of children in the divorce process. Where traditional courtroom process does little to protect children, mediation offers a process that keeps the children out of the conflict and gets results that are more sensitive the needs of the children.

Protecting Yourself in Divorce

One of the major misconceptions of divorce is that the courtroom battle is the only way to win your respect and get the outcome you need. If you aren’t willing to fight it out in court, the reasoning goes, you will probably lose your opportunity to get the financial outcome you need and the parental rights you deserve.

There is a Better Way

Gray divorce can cause serious financial challenges

Twenty years ago, older couples getting divorced seemed very rare. When a couple reached 50 years old or older, it was almost unheard of for them to get divorced.

However, “gray divorce” – divorce that occurs between older couples, usually age 50 or older – is increasing rapidly in the United States. There are numerous possible reasons for this trend. A recent article in Investment News claims that longer life expectancy is one of the primary reasons.

Can you be thrown in jail for not vaccinating your own child?

If you are facing a divorce, you are probably thinking mostly about the need to be separated from your spouse. And for many people, this approach makes sense. If you’re in an unworkable marriage, divorce might be the best option, and it makes sense that life apart from your spouse would be your primary consideration.

However, there are many issues that stem from divorce that you need to consider. One important thing that many people don’t realize is the degree of authority a court can take over your life and your responsibility as a parent. Now, this isn’t necessarily a reason to not get divorced if that’s the best thing for your life, but it is important to be aware of the possibilities so that you can plan ahead and be ready to get the best arrangement possible in your divorce or separation.

Quality post-divorce parenting takes planning

When facing a divorce, you still want to be the best parent you can be. You want the best for your child. All parents do. But how can you provide the best for your child in the aftermath of a divorce?

The most important thing to remember is that children need involvement from both parents whenever this is possible and reasonable. Good parenting for divorced parents requires strategic planning, hard work and commitment from both parents.

When one partner kidnaps the child

You read stories every day of children abducted from their custodial parent by the noncustodial parent. This is always a serious violation of custody agreements. Though it is clearly a criminal action, the removal of children does not always guarantee a neat or speedy resolution, or even the safety of the child.

A Washington Post opinion piece by Prof. Jane K. Stoever, director of the domestic violence clinic at the University of California, Irvine School of Law, describes the difficulties custodial parents face trying to have their children returned,

It’s official: Times have changed in families and divorce.

Fathers Have Rights

In the past, men were the sole breadwinners in the vast majority of American homes, and husbands entering divorce proceeds could pretty much expect to lose significantly in terms of asset division, spousal and child support and parenting time.

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