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Financial secrets can lead to divorce and impact its outcomes

Any type of lie or secret can be poison to a trusting relationship. However, lying about money can be one of the most dangerous types of deception for a marriage. Money problems are the second most common cause for divorce, just behind cheating on a spouse.

Unfortunately, financial infidelity is a common problem. According to a recent Forbes article, 13% of people have a secret checking account and 12% of people have a secret savings account. It also claims that 12% of people have a secret credit card, 9% of people have a secret retirement account and 7% of people have a secret life insurance policy.

Legal separation as an alternative to divorce

Whether you have been married for years or are a newlywed, sometimes marriages can get rocky. Couples can experience rough patches or face issues they think they will never overcome. If things are hard, there is no need to rush into a divorce.

Sometimes couples need to cool off while deciding to work on the marriage or dissolve it.

How to make co-parenting go as smoothly as possible

Raising kids is one of the most rewarding things you can do. It is also, at times, stressful and tiring – doubly so if you’re separated from their other parent and trying to navigate the pitfalls of co-parenting. There are strategies, however, to alleviate some of this stress.

Keeping these four things in mind can make life a little easier for you, your former partner and the children.

Three ways to protect your finances during a divorce

Divorce is one of the most life-changing things to happen to an adult. It completely shifts your perspective on life, your relationships and your daily habits. It makes complete sense that it also alters your finances.

Most people agree that divorces can be financially-devastating between settlements, attorneys and property division. But there are ways to minimize the damage and allow yourself to grow financially from the heartbreaking experience.

Four habits that lead to divorce

We all have bad habits. You may bite your fingernails when you are stressed or grind your teeth at night. Maybe you just mumble when you speak. All of them are bad habits, but none of them affect anyone else but you.

Unfortunately, some bad habits affect our relationships. It’s even possible to see a lousy habit cause turmoil and end a marriage. But what habits can be so hard on couples?

Is it possible to have a good divorce?

Chances are that you never intended for your marriage to end in divorce. The end of your marriage can be an emotional time, and the divorce process itself can add to the stress. While it may seem that there is nothing good about the situation, it may be possible to have a relatively good divorce.

Even a good divorce is still a divorce. However, some actions can help you get through your divorce as easily as possible.

Three ways parents can help kids adjust to having two homes

Divorce can be hard on everyone in the family. For many kids, getting used to having two homes can be one of the toughest changes caused by divorce. Having two homes can be an emotional reminder of the shift from the way family life used to be.

Having two houses also involves practical challenges. A child may not know which address to memorize or what to tell friends who ask where he or she lives. A child may also struggle with the change in routine and wonder when he or she will see either parent. For many kids, it can be difficult to adjust to parents living apart. However, parents can help their kids cope with this change.

Do I need to have a certain reason to divorce my spouse?

Deciding to end your marriage is a big decision that may require careful consideration. If you have determined that ending your marriage is the best path forward, you have probably taken the necessary time to evaluate your personal reasons for this decision.

However, your personal reason for divorce may not be enough. A court will only grant you a divorce if you select a legally valid reason, called a ground.

Preparing for the divorce mediation process

Making the decision to divorce can be painful, emotional and challenging. While you both may decide that going your separate ways will be beneficial for each of you, the process to divide your household and move forward can be complex.

For divorcing Ohio couples, mediation poses an alternative to the contentious route of traditional litigation. In mediation, the two of you work together with a mediator to address and resolve key issues. With its collaborative nature, mediation has the potential to produce a more amicable divorce and give both parties more control over the outcome. When facing divorce mediation, how should you prepare for the process?

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