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Do I need to have a certain reason to divorce my spouse?

Deciding to end your marriage is a big decision that may require careful consideration. If you have determined that ending your marriage is the best path forward, you have probably taken the necessary time to evaluate your personal reasons for this decision.

However, your personal reason for divorce may not be enough. A court will only grant you a divorce if you select a legally valid reason, called a ground.

Preparing for the divorce mediation process

Making the decision to divorce can be painful, emotional and challenging. While you both may decide that going your separate ways will be beneficial for each of you, the process to divide your household and move forward can be complex.

For divorcing Ohio couples, mediation poses an alternative to the contentious route of traditional litigation. In mediation, the two of you work together with a mediator to address and resolve key issues. With its collaborative nature, mediation has the potential to produce a more amicable divorce and give both parties more control over the outcome. When facing divorce mediation, how should you prepare for the process?

How to survive summer while co-parenting

As a kid, you would count down the days until summer officially started. And the minute school ended, you felt free to explore and embrace all the possibilities that summer offers. Unfortunately, it changes when you become an adult.

Summer seems just like another season for most parents, but it’s a challenging season specifically for divorced parents. You have to maintain your normal life while your child enjoys their summer vacation.

What to expect from the property division process

Ohio couples facing a divorce have much to consider and decide on. The process of splitting one household into two can be complex and can often lead to disagreement or dissatisfaction with the outcome.

The property and asset division process is one that can have substantial effects on the life of each spouse after the divorce. As an equitable distribution state, Ohio courts split marital property, assets and debts equitably, or fairly, among the spouses. When you face a divorce, what should you expect from the property division process?

Making the most of time with your kids after divorce

One of the most emotionally challenging parts of a divorce is how it affects the time you get with your kids. They still have school, sports, extracurriculars, friends and appointments pulling at their time – that hasn’t changed. But on top of all that, you now have to adapt to the reality of the family being split across two homes.

Feeling like you aren’t getting enough time with your children is a common sentiment. Pew Research found nearly two-thirds of dads and just over one-third of moms think they’re spending “too little” time with their kids.

Tips to prepare your finances before divorce

Divorce is common in our society. Some couples find their way to reconcile through therapy while others are ready to move on. Whether married for two years or 30 years, divorce can happen.

Some couples have many assets and large sums of money to divide, others have a very modest amount. Nevertheless, when it comes to divorce, financial situations are often sticky. Having your finances in order can make this headache of an event a little less stressful.

Time to make summer child custody plans?

There may still be a chill in the air, but it is never too soon to start coordinating with your ex about summer plans with the kids. Whether your plans include camps, activities or relaxing at home, it is easier to start the discussion earlier rather than later.

For the most part, you and your ex may have already decided who will do what with the children over the summer and where the kids will get to spend their time. As summer gets closer, you may find yourself wanting to make a change in the custody agreement.

What factors determine child support in Ohio?

As a parent, your first concern is the welfare of your children. During a divorce, you want to help them understand and shield them from as much drama as possible. You would also like to keep their lives as much the same as you can.

If you are the primary custodial parent of the children, the court may award child support to help with the expenses of raising your children. Here is what determines child support payments in Ohio.

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