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Frankel, Hoppy still living together after reported split

On Behalf of | Jan 4, 2013 | Family Law |

Former reality TV star and media mogul Bethanny Frankel announced that she and her husband Jason Hoppy were separating just before Christmas. Sources close to Frankel report to People magazine that she was devastated that the marriage did not work, and that they would work amicably to resolve their differences.

More than a week after their announcement, the two are still reportedly living under the same roof. According to a report from Us Weekly, there are no definite plans for Jason to move out of the couple’s loft in New York City. This raises some important questions about the nature of their relationship: either they are not actually ready to get divorced, in which case this is another (common) bump in the road, or they are following a tenet of collaborative divorce in that they are working together on their split.

In some situations, the parties will negotiate (and agree to) the terms of their split before filing their divorce petition. This way, there will be no acrimonious hearings, discovery motions or challenges regarding custody and parenting time. With a complete agreement imbedded in the petition, the court will only have to approve the final divorce decree.

It is not unheard of for common marital disputes to be magnified into divorce fodder, especially when celebrities are involved. If Frankel and Hoppy are in fact splitting up, we hope that they will conduct themselves like sensible adults during the process. In which case, sharing a roof while contemplating their split makes sense.

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