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Jane Seymour’s divorce may be a good example

On Behalf of | Apr 26, 2013 | Family Law |

Our readers have likely seen many posts advocating for Ohio divorcing couples to take an amicable approach to their breakup. The research on how combative divorces affect children, as well as studies on mental health during tumultuous breaks should inspire people to treat each other with respect as they move on with life.

Nevertheless, it takes a modern example of a “friendly” divorce to show others that it is possible to move on without hard feelings. Kay Jewelers magnate and noted film director James Keach recently announced that they will be divorcing. The couple had been estranged for some time, but they recently came together for a charity event and it appeared that their animosity towards each other was a thing of the past.

Indeed, their compassion and civility could have been for the cameras (after all, they were appearing together on the red carpet for Seymour’s Open Hearts Foundation) but what is held out in public usually originates in private.

Also, divorcing couples who set their differences aside are more likely to spend less money on the divorce proceedings. Motions (and their responses) over discovery and other petty disputes can dramatically increase the costs of divorce. It would seem obvious that couples would want to leave a marriage with as much as they can and that this would suggest couples would want to spend as little as possible on the divorce. But ironically, this is why some divorces may drag on.

Sound advice from an experienced attorney can help maintain expectations and set the foundation for a painless divorce.

Source:, Seymour and husband James Keach pose happily together days after announcing split, April 14, 2013