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Jordan takes on second marriage

On Behalf of | Apr 29, 2013 | High Asset Divorce |

Michael Jordan is perhaps the most recognizable player in the NBA, even 10 years after he retired from basketball. He is also well known for his contentious divorce with former wife Juanita, which eventually led to an estimated $180 million settlement (which was a record at the time).

After going through such a difficult divorce, most people would not even consider getting married again. Despite the likely scars, Jordan was taking the plunge once again.

He married long-time girlfriend Yvette Prieto in Palm Beach, Florida over the weekend. Guests included sports and film luminaries such as Spike Lee, Tiger Woods, Scottie Pippen and nemesis Patrick Ewing, formerly of the New York Knicks.

Jordan, 50 and Prieto, 35 had been dating for five years. She is a former model and he is the majority owner of the NBA’s Charlotte Bobcats. With his last marriage ending in divorce (and the disparity in assets), it is very likely that the two married with a carefully negotiated prenuptial agreement. 

Prenuptial agreements in Ohio are essentially written contracts that govern how assets will be divided should the marriage end in divorce.  They can define what will be considered marital (and non-marital) property, create stipulations on temporary support and set expectations on what will be considered grounds for divorce.

While there is a great deal of latitude that courts allow with prenups, they cannot be used to set agreements regarding payment of child support. 

Also, marrying couples do not have to be multi-millionaires in order to consider prenuptial agreements. For more information on the practical nature and legal requirements of prenuptial agreements, contact an experienced family law attorney