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Arnold Schwartznegger and Maria Shriver still not divorced

On Behalf of | May 24, 2013 | High Asset Divorce |

The 2011 scandal that revealed Arnold Schwarznegger’s marital affair officially ended his marriage to Maria Shriver. She moved out of their home and filed for divorce in July 2011. By most accounts, the divorce was going to be fairly amicable. There were no child custody or parenting time issues, and both parties were independently wealthy. 

So nearly two years after the split, no papers have been filed to finalize the divorce. Why is this? Moreover, that can divorcing parties learn from this dissolution?

From some media accounts, there is a prospect (albeit a small chance) that there will be a reconciliation. After all, Arnold and Maria spent Easter brunch together, and they recently attended their daughter’s graduation. Also, sources close to the family say that Maria may not think the relationship is completely over, but reports that Arnold has a girlfriend certainly may complicate things. 

Nevertheless, it supports the notion that time heals all wounds. 

Besides learning about how feuding parents can put their differences aside for the sake of the children, potential divorcing parties can also see how postnuptial agreements may work. Postnups are like prenuptial agreements in that they can detail how assets and property will be divided in the event of a divorce. The main difference is that postups are entered into by married couples, where prenups are created by couples yet to be married. 

If you have questions about whether a postnuptial agreement is appropriate for your marriage, an experienced family law attorney can advise you. 

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