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Could the end of alimony be near?

On Behalf of | May 3, 2013 | Alimony |

Aside from child support, spousal maintenance (aka alimony) is likely the most hotly contested aspect of a divorce. Depending on the circumstances, maintenance may be necessary to keep bills paid and maintain the status quo while the legal issues are resolved. A classic example is alimony for a homemaking spouse who needs time (and money) to make ends meet while the transition take place.

However, more parties who divorce both earn an income. When there is a slight disparity between the couple, the issue of alimony can merely be an emotionally charged measure of revenge.

Because of this, some advocates are calling for the end of alimony. They believe that it is unfair for one party to supplement the other’s income even though the supported spouse if perfectly capable of working.

This is where the potential change in alimony application may be realized. In Ohio, spousal maintenance is determined by examining the parties’ financial situation during the marriage, each party’s ability to earn an income (including each party’s health and work experience) and their ability to maintain a basic standard of living while paying support.

With more dual income couples splitting up, the need for support is ostensibly dwindling. Also, public support of long-term alimony is gaining less popularity, as of a number of state are considering wholesale changes to how alimony may be awarded.

In the meantime, the cost of living on one’s own may necessitate support. Each request has its own circumantances and a skilled family law attorrney can analyze the facts in your case and make a compelling argument for support.

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