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Allen Iverson accused of kidnapping his children

On Behalf of | Jun 19, 2013 | Child Custody |

The scariest thing for a parent to endure is to have a child stolen from them. The anxiety from not knowing where he or she is, as well as not knowing if they are safe is much more than one can endure. The irony in child abductions is that they are more likely to be taken by someone they know rather than a stranger. 

However, the familiarity between kidnapper and abductee does not make things easier. The abducting parent may also try to use the child as a pawn in negotiations (i.e. threaten to hurt him or herself if police come and try to recover the child.

Former NBA superstar Allen Iverson is accused of being a parental abductor. His ex-wife, Tawanna accuses him of failing to return their children after a family vacation was supposed to end on May 26th. Iverson reportedly took the kids on a 5-day vacation in North Carolina. However, Iverson allegedly did not show up to the parties’ meeting spot.

Another exchange schedule for June 4 was also reportedly abandoned by Iverson.

Some of our readers may question whether one’s own biological can actually be kidnapped. The answer is yes. If a parent without legal or physical custody (or parenting time) takes a child beyond state lines without permission from the other parent, that can face criminal charges as well as sanctions from the family court. 

Because of this, it is important for parents seeking additional time with their kids to have any extension or changes in writing before the change in parenting time takes effect.

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