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Five things to consider before asking for a divorce

On Behalf of | Jun 24, 2013 | High Asset Divorce |

Aside from the horror stories about contentious divorces, many people find that taking the first step is the most difficult part about a dissolution. That step being approaching your spouse about a split. Like many things surrounding a divorce, there are not much information that helps potential divorcees on initiating divorce proceedings.

Through this post, we will explain five important things to consider before approaching your spouse about divorce.

What will your finances be like after the split? – Understanding what your financial outlook will be after the divorce is a critical element before seeking a divorce. In many cases, the person seeking the divorce has not taken enough time to plan their move, instead assuming that they will be entitled to spousal (and/or )child support without having a rational basis for such payments.

Do some soul searching – It is easy to consider divorce in the midst of an argument, or during a time where money problems dominate your relationship. But it is prudent (and responsible) to think about divorce after a period of deliberation.

Learn about your rights and options – This may be obvious, but it is amazing how many people simply assume that they have it made, and will get everything they are seeking in the divorce, only to see it crumble right before them.

Think about the kids – This does not mean staying in a loveless marriage simply for their sake. Instead about how you will maintain relationships with them even after the divorce.

Have respect – Simply put, remember that your spouse is still a person who is worthy of respect, regardless of whether you now hate their guts. So no divorce by text message.

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