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Truths about infidelity myths

On Behalf of | Aug 7, 2013 | Child Support |

Sex scandals can gain national headlines when they have two elements involved: a married, high profile person (usually a man) and the specter of cheating without getting caught. Beyond that, there are a number of assumptions about high profile affairs (and common ones, for that matter)  that are untrue.

For instance, infidelity is laced with the specter of not being in happy in the marriage, that the cheating spouse is a sex addict or that he or she is only looking for sex. This post will explore the truths that debunk the myths about cheating and affairs.

If there is no sex, there’s no affair – Most people would believe that this is not true; especially given that most affairs don’t involve any sex at all. Infidelity is based on the notion of making an intimate emotional connection to someone else.

Cheating is about punishing the other spouse – Some believe that their spouse will cheat to punish them for something that went wrong within the marriage. While  this may be the  rare case, it is hardly the norm. Most people who cheat do not want their spouse to find out.

Affairs happen when people look for them – More often than not, they happen to people who are not looking for them, even though it is more common for people to browse the Internet looking for chat rooms and online romances.

People cheat with someone younger or more attractive with their spouse – Typically, cheating spouses will gravitate towards people who share common interests or experiences. They may not be any younger, attractive, or financially capable as their husband or wife.

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