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Dayton man claims he meets support obligations for his 21 kids

On Behalf of | Sep 24, 2013 | Child Support |

When two people walk down the aisle and commit their lives to one another, they rarely intend to end the union in divorce. As time passes, however, spouses in Ohio sometimes grow distant in their relationships and they change. When married couples file for divorce, the legal process may be complex. Divorce is more than simply dissolving a marriage union; there are responsibilities to sort out prior to the divorce, and often life-long obligations to meet afterward. Child support is often among those life-long obligations.

For a Dayton man, his 27 children and their 16 mothers, child support is a topic of conversation that is likely visited frequently. The man asserts that he spends time with his kids and that he plays an active role in their lives. He also meets the financial obligations he has for his children weekly. He was, however, arrested and released recently for a support dispute. The issue of the dispute is unknown.

The man reports that he does not run away from the responsibilities that come with fatherhood. While the man has 12 sons and 15 daughters, he does not pay child support for all of them. He does, however, make support payments for 21 of his 27 children. The ages of his kids are unknown.

Divorce happens. Sometimes spouses become entangled in work obligations and simply cannot spend a lot of time with their partners and children. Other times spouses react to life changing events in ways their partners never imagined. There are a number of reasons why couples to split, but when children are involved it may be prudent to seek child custody and support counsel from an experienced attorney.

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