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Men may encounter ailments after divorce

On Behalf of | Oct 10, 2013 | Child Custody |

People in Ohio understand that divorce is a life changing event, one wrought with serious emotional and financial ramifications. There are, of course legal obligations to tend to prior to the divorce, like asset division, child support arrangement and alimony planning, among other obligations. When the divorce is finalized, the marital property has been divvied up, custody rights assigned and each person goes his or her separate way, former husbands may experience health problems, studies say.

Over the years, cultural and popular perception define most men as being thick skinned and nigh unto impenetrable when it comes to emotional and psychological turmoil. Research indicates, however, a state of health that is quite the opposite of the resilience many people have come to expect from men. Researchers suggest that when men divorce, they may suffer from both physical and mental ailments.

In addition to the substance and alcohol abuse that divorced men may be prone to, the study indicates that depression and suicide rates increase among them as well. There are also physical health concerns to consider, such as an increased mortality rate of 250 percent when compared to the mortality rate of married men. Research suggests that divorced men more frequently suffer from cardiovascular disease, stroke and high blood pressure, all culprits of premature death in divorced men.

When considering divorce, there are financial hurdles to overcome, like complex asset division, but there are also very real psychological ailments that a person can become subject to. Seeking the guidance of an experienced attorney may be helpful as a person divides marital property and financial obligations.

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