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Alimony law disputed by group of divorced men

On Behalf of | Dec 6, 2013 | Alimony |

In a previous post the concept of spousal support payments and how they are perceived by men and women today in Ohio and across the country was discussed. Some people found the very premise of alimony offensive, particularly when women today have more education and enjoy more equality in the workplace than they did 50 years ago. In fact, many of today’s modern women out-earn their husbands. The idea that women rely on their husbands to provide for all of their financial needs may be considered by some as archaic.

A group of divorced men in Connecticut recently contested state alimony law stating that it is vague and unconstitutional. Their complaint, however, did not end there. They allege that their obligation to provide spousal support was something they were unaware of before they decided to divorce their spouses.

The men mentioned that the state laws that govern alimony and supposedly offer a degree of financial protection to former spouses ultimately demoralize marriage. Rather than encouraging people to marry and pursue a committed relationship, the men claim that the law discourages it. They allege that a person in the state cannot possibly know the financial obligations he might be responsible for until a divorce is made final. The men are suing the state’s governor for enforcing Connecticut’s alimony law.

There are a number of things to consider when a couple decides to divorce, and financially supporting a former spouse may be among them. When a person has questions regarding alimony, it may be helpful for him or her to speak with an experienced attorney.

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