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Experts offer advice to reduce costs associated with divorce

On Behalf of | Dec 8, 2013 | High Asset Divorce |

When people in Ohio enter the union of marriage, it is unlikely that they do so with the intention to divorce later on in life. Rather, people more often enter a marriage relationship with a desire to stay together and love one another for the duration of their lives. The once simplistic idea of marriage today, however, is more complex and wrought with more challenges than ever before.

A celebrity couple in New York recently divorced after a mere 41 days of marriage. Their attorney offers a bit of advice for couples who are considering marriage and for those who are considering divorce. A good majority of the expenses associated with divorce can be spent on legal and other professional fees. Minimizing the involvement of these experts can reduce the cost of a divorce. It appears that the attorney supports the use of a prenuptial agreement where appropriate, but further measures can be taken to avoid spending too much on a divorce.

Other experts suggest that divorcing couples should discuss emotional issues outside the courtroom and outside the company of their attorneys. After all, the goal is to utilize and pay the experts for legal expertise, not necessarily for emotional support. The celebrity attorney alleges that marriage is unpredictable whether or not the couple is made up of celebrities or not. Many people end marriages in divorce, although divorcing 41 days after marrying is not very common, he suggests.

When a high profile divorce ensues, there are a lot of things to consider. Dividing the assets like real estate, trust funds, businesses, pensions and others can be complex and they are just one facet of divorce. It might be helpful for people facing divorce to speak with an experienced attorney.

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