It is not uncommon for men and women in Ohio to have fulfilling relationships with their friends and family members. There are, however, occasions when people have less than satisfactory experiences with their friends and families. Sometimes tempers can flare and people respond with violence. When people find themselves in situations where domestic violence flares up, they may seek orders for protection.

This is the story of a young woman in Manhattan who allegedly stabbed her boyfriend after an argument she was involved in during the month of May in 2012. She recently appeared in court for her sentencing. It was reported that the judge showed leniency because she charged the woman with eight and a half years in prison rather than the 15 years the prosecution was requesting. It is believed that the reason the judge lessened the sentence is because the woman was a domestic violence victim.

Apparently the young woman and her boyfriend had entered a violent argument in his apartment which was located in the Financial District. The young woman, a Latvia native, allegedly thrust a kitchen knife into her boyfriend’s chest. In court, she testified that the young man had punched her in the head before she raised the knife in her defense. In previous months, it was reported that the young man had pushed the young woman down a flight of stairs and broken her finger. The young man survived the stabbing, but the knife allegedly made contact with his heart and one of his lungs.

When physical abuse is present in a relationship, it may be helpful for the people involved to seek legal counsel from an experienced attorney.

Source: Daily News, “Manhattan judge shows leniency to domestic violence victim convicted of stabbing her boyfriend in chest,” Barbara Ross, Jan. 9, 2014