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Man faces prison time for failure to pay child support

On Behalf of | Jan 19, 2014 | Child Support |

When a couple in Ohio decides the divorce, there are a number of legal topics to consider. If the couple has a substantial number of assets, they may need help dividing them appropriately. If they have children, they may have to determine a visitation schedule and child support payments. These as well as other topics can be discussed as the divorce process ensues, but it is important to realize that once an agreement has been arranged, both parties may be required to abide by it for a long time.

A man in Michigan recently found himself facing a prison sentence for failure to make child support payments. The man allegedly has more than $45,000 in delinquent payments and has been sentenced to prison for 1 to 4 years. The 34 year-old man apparently has at least three previous felonies on his record. The judge sentenced him as a habitual offender.

Court documents reveal that the man was ordered to make child support payments back in 1996, but he allegedly did not make payments regularly. From 2007 through September 2013, the man has amassed $45,520 in child support. During the sentencing, the judge ordered the man to pay more than the amount he owes as restitution. He was also ordered to pay court fees. Court records show that the man was on parole for previous felonies he committed when he was charged with failure to pay child support.

Child support payments are often part and parcel of divorce. When parents need guidance determining payment amounts, it may be helpful for them to seek the legal counsel of an experienced attorney.

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