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Missing Ohio girl spotted in Kingston

On Behalf of | Jan 25, 2014 | Child Custody |

One of the challenges divorcing couples in Ohio face is child custody rights. Yes, dividing assets, devising child support or alimony payment schedules and other facts of divorce may also be challenging at times, but it may be even more cumbersome to arrange child custody assignments to a contentious couple. Ideally, mothers and fathers would be looking after the best interests of the child, but sometimes a person’s judgment can be clouded by the stress and life changes that divorce brings on.

It was recently reported by local law enforcement officers that a missing 4-year-old child was seen in Kingston, Ohio. The child was allegedly seen with her non-custodial mother. Law enforcement officers expressed their opinion that they do not believe the little girl is in danger of any sort. The child’s 38-year-old mother may have left Ohio and may not know that custody has been assigned to the child’s 52 year-old father. The child was reported missing in November.

The police captain in Troy, Ohio mentioned that no charges will be pursued at this time. If, however, the courts are able to locate the mother and serve her with notice that states she does not have legal custody of the child and she continues to keep the child with her, charges could be filed against her at point. It is unclear why mother brought the child to Kingston.

When a couple brings a child into the world, life changes. There are new responsibilities to attend to, more mouths to feed, but ultimately more love to give. If parents eventually grow apart and need help determining child custody rights, it may be helpful for them to speak with an experienced attorney.

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