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Domestic violence impacts all family members

On Behalf of | Feb 4, 2014 | Domestic Violence |

Many families in Ohio go about their lives in relative peace and happiness. There are, however, others that live in a world of fear and demoralization. Although we live in a world where man can go to the moon, where women can work at levels that equal and exceed their male counterparts, and a number of other things that demonstrate our advanced society and culture, domestic violence is still part of the picture. It does not matter who the victim of abuse is, it is wrong.

A powerful PSA was released by a Swiss nonprofit company that illustrates just how far domestic abuse can reach. In less than one minute, it leaves viewers with a haunting message that there is in fact an abuse cycle. The first images are of a young girl fancifully stepping into her mother’s high heels. She then sits at a vanity and applies makeup. The clip suggests that the girl wants to look like her mother. After the girl is done slathering her lips with red lipstick, she turns to face the camera, revealing one eye laden with black eye shadow—the haunting image of a black eye.

Statistics reveal that when a mother faces domestic violence in the home, her children are likely to become abuse victims at some point in their lives, too. Abuse impacts every family member. The World Health Organization suggests that girls that are exposed to violence in their youth may be more likely to be victims as adults.

Domestic abuse is a real issue today. When people experience abuse, they may find peace coming forward and speaking with an experienced attorney.

Source: Huffington Post, “Haunting PSA shows unrelenting cycle of domestic violence,” Eleanor Goldberg, Jan. 22, 2014



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