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Property division doesn’t have to be a stumbling block

On Behalf of | Mar 24, 2014 | Property Division |

As many Columbus residents have likely noticed, the realm of divorce news tends to attract the bizarre and the weird. More than anything this has to do with the way divorce is portrayed by news outlets and blogs — but there is a kernel of truth to the portrayal. Divorce is inherently a tumultuous and emotional time that can make people feel stressed out. As a result, people do outlandish things or deviate from their “normal” behavior. This can result in poor decisions, but it can also result in arguments with a soon-to-be-ex or a prolonged debate about certain aspects involved in their divorce.

Just read of our source article to see nine examples of bizarre divorce stories from a Reddit thread on the topic. The validity of the stories is unclear, but then again, they sound realistic enough. In one story, a splitting couple argued for hours about $40 worth of groceries left over in their fridge. Another example showed how far an ex0husband was willing to go to cause his ex-wife emotional strife.

Even though these stories really don’t represent how many divorces are handled by the splitting spouses, they do bring up a common problem that many divorcing couples have: property division.

Property division can be the most difficult part of a divorce for many couples. Dealing with this important divorce factor in an efficient and appropriate manner is crucial for the splitting parties. Sometimes it may not work out that way, but many couples have been able to get over the property division hurdle without losing their sanity.

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