In an investigation that incorporated several different Ohio law enforcement agencies and took about a year to carry out, 72 individuals have now been charged with several serious crimes. One man, in particular, is facing charges of drug trafficking in connection with his alleged status as the leader of a gang. The purported gang is alleged to have carried out its operations across several Ohio counties.

Investigators say they have custody of a little over half of those facing charges. Reportedly, the whereabouts of about 30 of the individuals is unknown. All are facing a variety of charges of differing severity. Police say that the sting targeted drug users as well as those selling and manufacturing the drugs.

There are additional charges of the misuse of food stamp benefits. Recipients were accused of selling the value of the assistance at half of its worth in order to obtain drugs. According to the Ohio authorities, 47 of the individuals face felony charges while the remainder are mainly charged with misdemeanor counts.

One 32-year-old man is said to have been the ringleader of this purported gang. As such, he may be facing the most serious charges, even though all of those arrested are alleged to have engaged in drug trafficking and/or possession of drugs. All of these defendants are entitled to the presumption of innocence as their cases proceed through our criminal court system. They have every right to defend themselves and to seek a result that is consistent with their own individual interests.

Source:, “72 indicted in Wilmington-area drug investigation“, , June 27, 2014