An Ohio man who was arrested in connection to two accidents within one week has been sentenced to serve almost one and a half years in jail. The man, who was facing charges that included vehicular assault, was sentenced for drunk driving. The imposed sentence is almost the maximum time stipulated under state laws.

The 31-year-old driver was arrested and charged after an accident earlier this year. He is alleged to have hit another car while he was driving under the influence. In addition, when he purportedly attempted to help the victim in the other car, he is alleged to have stabbed the woman in the leg accidentally while apparently attempting to deflate the air bag.

One week after this accident, he was reportedly involved in a second accident for which he was charged for operating a vehicle while impaired by intoxicating substances. In that incident, he elected to enter a guilty plea and was consequently placed on probation. For the earlier wreck, he again pleaded guilty in exchange for having the more serious charges dropped.

Along with the drunk driving charge, he was also found to have been driving without a valid license or the required insurance. Along with the jail term, the judge further ordered that the man’s driver’s license be suspended for four years. The man reportedly informed the judge that he was seeking help for his drinking as well as attending AA meetings. This man most likely weighed his options in both cases before he chose to enter pleas of guilty. He could have chosen to take his case to trial, at which point the burden of proof to gain a conviction would have fallen to the Ohio prosecutor’s office.

Source:, “Urbana man sentenced to 17 months in vehicular assault case“, Brian Bondus, July 1, 2014