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Optimal outcome on drug crime charge depends on knowing options

On Behalf of | Sep 16, 2014 | Prescription Drug Violations |

Most people prescribed powerful pain medications take them as directed and give them up without difficulty when the need for them subsides. But a small minority of individuals winds up getting hooked.

Addiction to prescription medications isn’t a condition someone chooses. To suggest that it is would be to also suggest that those who fall prey to the problem have chosen to distance themselves from friends and family, give up on their jobs, and in some cases, opt for a life of petty crime to support their habit. 

Still, opioid drug addiction is on the rise. An article on WebMD observes that no one really knows how bad the issue is. But it states that the prescribing of opioids has been on the rise in recent decades and abuse is becoming prevalent among teenagers. Data indicates opioid abuse by teens is second only to marijuana in terms of popularity.

What that means is that a segment of the population that is noted for often being ill-equipped to make good choices may easily wind up making some decisions that result in their being brought up on drug possession charges.

Shame over just being in that predicament might incline some to simply plead guilty, pay any possible penalty, and move on with their lives. But what they may not appreciate is that by doing so they create a criminal record that can be life-derailing. Educational opportunities could be scrubbed. Jobs could be jeopardized. Access to housing could be diminished.

The reality is that there are often a variety of options available under the law. But to know what they might be, assessing what might be the best possible outcome in your case, and then working to achieve that outcome, takes work and the skills of an experienced criminal defense attorney. We are happy to provide an initial consultation on your case free of charge.  



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