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Troy girl to face possession charge over marijuana brownies

On Behalf of | Oct 28, 2014 | Marijuana |

Concern over the prevalence of drugs in Ohio is the focus of a lot of attention in the state. From a public health perspective, the issue is that drug abuse — especially of opioids — has resulted in a rash of overdose deaths. Law enforcement has stepped up its efforts, cracking down to curb drug-related crimes of all kinds. Readers may recall a previous post about this not long ago.

In recent weeks, there has been a lot of news coverage about a legislative initiative being pushed by Ohio Democratic Sen. Sherrod Brown. Under his proposal, as WKBN and other outlets have reported, federal law that currently restricts the number of patients a medical practice can treat for drug addiction would be eased. The theory being that if addicts have more access to treatment it will mean fewer deaths and less crime.

On another level, there are continuing concerns over access to marijuana. A lot of states around the country have already acted to approve the use of medical marijuana. Ohio has not followed suit, but there’s talk that it will. It’s not clear when, however.

In the meantime, police across the state are exercising the full authority they have under the law to curb marijuana possession, use and trafficking. What that could mean for many individuals are serious criminal charges, the consequences of which could be significant in the event of convictions.

Those with jobs could lose them. Young people with hopes for the future could find themselves aced out of crucial opportunities. Very often, the alleged actions that prompted the charges represent an error in judgment rather than hard-core criminal activity. As a possible example, consider the case of a Troy high school girl who has been arrested after bringing marijuana laced brownies to school. WHIO-TV reports that she will face marijuana possession charges.

Drug possession charges, whether they involve marijuana or something more serious like heroin, need to be taken seriously. For the sake of your future, if you are facing such allegations, you should be looking to respond with an aggressive defense.



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