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What does a charge of ‘gross sexual imposition’ mean in Ohio?

On Behalf of | Oct 24, 2014 | Sex Crimes |

The law is filled with language that can leave the average person at a disadvantage if they have to face the criminal justice system. In many instances, the language is archaic. Such is not quite the case with the criminal charge of gross sexual imposition. Most of the words are fairly self explanatory.

Many might be inclined to apply the concept of disgusting to the word “gross,” but in the legal sense it is meant to suggest an action that was obviously wrong.

“Sexual” probably doesn’t need much explanation, but for clarity’s sake we offer this. As the Ohio Revised Code states, this word applies to anything that might be construed as “sexual contact.” It does not have to involve actual intercourse.

“Imposition” in the most common of terms means some form of unreasonable expectation or request. But you have to look down the numbers a bit to get to the legal application, which has to do with the use or threat of force.

Put them all together as part of a filing of a criminal charge it means that the person accused is in serious legal trouble and in need of an experienced attorney. If a conviction is obtained, their rights, their reputation and their future could all be jeopardized.

If you’ve been charged with gross sexual imposition, it means that authorities believe you engaged in some form of sexual contact with someone other than your spouse. The charge could also be brought, however, if evidence suggests you forced the other person into the act.

A GSI charge could also be brought if a person creates a situation in which sexual contact occurs between two others and the use of force, or threat of it, was used against one of the parties.

Purposely drugging or getting another person drunk and taking sexual advantage of them often prompts a charge of GSI. And taking advantage of someone that the offender knew was impaired while under sedation for a medical or dental procedure can lead to the allegation.

If the victim of the alleged imposition was under 13 or is mentally or physically impaired to a point of being unable to resist or consent, that too can trigger a GSI charge.

Regardless of the elements of a given case, the consequences can be significant in the event of a conviction.



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