Drug trafficking allegations are rarely as simple as prosecutors would have us believe. To get a conviction, a prosecutor may cast the defendant as a hardened criminal who knowingly gamed the system to transport drugs and sell them to an unsuspecting community, when the facts of the case may instead point to an addiction problem, a moment of desperation or a mere lapse in judgement. In other cases, people accused of drug offenses have done absolutely nothing wrong and have had their rights violated by police.

If you have been accused of trafficking in marijuana, methamphetamine, cocaine, prescription drugs, heroin or other opiates, then you are facing very serious charges, and you will need a criminal defense attorney who cares about your rights and will fight to protect them.

Sometimes college students and even juveniles in the Columbus area are charged with serious drug crimes, including drug trafficking. A young person who means no harm to anyone in the world may face the possibility of a prison sentence. However, no criminal charge automatically leads to a conviction, and such a case requires a strong criminal defense to protect the young person’s future.

A drug crime conviction can lead not only to jail time and fines; a person convicted of a drug offense may face barriers to employment and receiving financial aid for school. In other words, the consequences of a conviction may last for many years to come, and it is crucial that accused individuals seek the intervention of a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible.

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