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Ohio physician faces drug trafficking charges for 2nd time

On Behalf of | Nov 26, 2014 | Criminal Defense |

Ohio patients may spend years seeking advice and treatment from those providers with whom they have built a years-long relationship. While each doctor is an individual with lives outside of his or her speciality, it can be devastating to them personally and professionally if they find themselves accused of engaging in criminal activity such as drug trafficking. One doctor has now faced this scenario for the second time.

An Ohio physician who was affiliated with St Joseph’s Medical Center in Andover has been indicted by a grand jury for the second time. The 44-year-old woman was originally charged on 26 counts of drug trafficking for allegedly providing friends and associates with prescription medications. Those charges were later dismissed until prosecutors could amend the charges to include an additional count for each charge, resulting in 52 counts instead of the original 26.

The woman was first charged for purportedly providing controlled medications to recipients who were not her registered patients and were allegedly without medical need. She has now also been charged with processing the paperwork for those alleged prescriptions. The Ohio State Board of Pharmacy began the investigation when it reportedly could not find patient records that matched the processed prescriptions. According to a representative of the parent company of the medical facility, the doctor’s contract with the hospital was ended around the time of the initial indictment.

This woman had entered a plea of not guilty to the initial drug trafficking charges; however, she has not yet responded to the amended indictment. She has voluntarily surrendered her medical license, and she will not regain the right to practice until she has successfully cleared her name. This woman has much to lose if the state were to gain a conviction against her. Therefore, she and her defense team will launch a vigorous defense against these and any and all allegations while working to achieve the best outcome in light of her professional reputation.

Source:, “Former St. Joseph’s doctor facing drug charges“, Stacy Millberg, Nov. 26, 2014



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