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We help dads fight for the parental rights they deserve

On Behalf of | Nov 19, 2014 | Fathers' Rights |

In our last post, we discussed how a group called the National Parents Organization has been advocating nationally for 50-50 shared parenting arrangements to become the presumption in state courts. The group admitted that it is facing an uphill battle, largely because many judges still hold the antiquated belief that mothers are better parents.

Unfortunately, this includes some judges in Ohio , which means many fathers in our area also face an uphill battle in child custody matters. For that reason, it’s extremely important for dads to be represented by family law attorney who know how to fight for their rights. This is especially true for unmarried fathers.

While unmarried fathers might think that they should automatically have custody rights because they are biologically linked to their children, this isn’t necessarily true. Unmarried fathers typically have to jump through many hoops in order to establish paternity and become an important part of their children’s lives.

Without establishing paternity at birth or through a court order, unmarried fathers don’t have a say in how their children are being brought up, and they don’t even have a right to see their children. That means the mother could move away with the child without getting the biological father’s permission.

But even married fathers who are going through divorce need a fierce advocate on their side. While the law affords them equal rights to their children, the old belief that mothers make better parents than fathers still stands in the way of too many dads who want to play an active role in the children’s lives.

Our firm has helped fathers who are in all stages of the divorce process as well as unmarried fathers at all stages of establishing paternity and visitation. We help our clients fight for the parental rights they deserve. For more information on our practice, please visit our Fathers’ Rights Attorney: Columbus, Ohio page.