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Working toward drama-free child custody discussions

On Behalf of | Nov 21, 2014 | Child Custody |

It really depends on the couple involved, but sometimes it is really hard to keep drama out of the courtroom when it comes to divorce. No matter the issue – alimony, property division or child custody – spouses may try to introduce damaging details in order to get a ruling in their favor.

While this reality may scare people as they start the divorce process, it is good to remember that professionals can often sort out fact from fiction.

Many divorce cases have come through the same courtroom that you are entering, so it is safe to say that the judges and social workers involved in your case have “seen it all.” When discussions start, it may be terrifying to have to air out your dirty laundry to complete strangers, but they will likely be unfazed by it.

If we concentrate specifically on child custody proceedings, we know that courts are looking to serve the best interests of the child. While there may be a lot of drama between the spouses, most of those details will likely not play into a judge’s determination. Their main goal is to maintain a stable environment for any children involved in the divorce.

Many divorcees start the process with numerous questions in mind. Who will get custody? How is custody determined? What matters and what doesn’t? A divorce attorney can be a great resource from start to finish. Their experience in the field can help calm your fears before they take control of you.  

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