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Ohio traffic stop ends in drug trafficking charges for couple

On Behalf of | Dec 27, 2014 | Marijuana |

Interstate highways provide a convenient means of getting from one state to another within a reasonable time period. A man and a woman traveling through Ohio were recently stopped and are now facing drug trafficking charges. They each face a state prison sentence of up to eight years.

According to the police report, the two were traveling on the Ohio Turnpike when they were stopped by troopers for the Ohio Highway Patrol for an alleged traffic offense. The car was pulled over for an improper lane change. However, drug-detecting dogs reportedly alerted troopers to the presence of drugs.

Once the vehicle was searched, more than 233 pounds of marijuana was purportedly found. The two occupants of the vehicle were arrested and charged in connection with transporting an estimated $1.1 million worth of hydrophonically-manufactured marijuana. The 63-year-old man from Colorado and the 62-year-old woman from New Jersey were taken into custody by law enforcement.

In light of the severe consequences a conviction on the drug trafficking charges could bring, each party will understandably seek to present a vigorous defense against these criminal charges, possibly beginning with whether the arresting officers followed all mandated procedures when conducting both the traffic stop and the search of the automobile. Alongside their respective defense counsel, they each may examine the prospective evidence and prepare a compelling defense while also considering any options that the prosecutors may extend to them in order to arrive at the best possible resolution. If a plea agreement is offered, each accused individual will have the option of accepting its terms or proceeding to trial and effectively forcing prosecutors to prove the criminal charges by relevant and competent evidence.

Source:, “Man and woman accused of traveling with $1.1 million of marijuana“, Mary Kilpatrick, Dec. 19, 2014



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