The Ohio State University football team gave students plenty to celebrate Monday night by winning the national championship game against the Oregon Ducks. However, the revelry turned to chaos early Tuesday morning after fans emptied out of bars and campus buildings and into the streets.

Police and SWAT team members used tear gas and pepper spray against hundreds of fans that were cheering, dancing, jumping and yelling outside of the Ohio Union, blocking North High Street.

Beginning around midnight, law enforcement members initially used pepper spray to try to clear the crowd and reportedly started using tear gas around 1:15 a.m.  Law enforcement also fought crowds of celebrating fans near Ohio Stadium, the Columbus Dispatch reported.

Police were busy in other areas of the city as well responding to numerous reports of small fires and gunshots. It is also likely that many underage drinking and underage drunk driving citations were administered, though there aren’t any official reports at this time.

During exciting times like a national championship win, college students often have the mindset that they can get away with anything. However, with so much police presence on campus during these times, students are often caught and charged for their indiscretions.

At the time, students may not realize the gravity of the charges they face, especially if they were one of many who received citations. But students should know that it is crucial to deal with the charges appropriately so that their futures are not put in jeopardy.

No matter how minor they may seem, criminal charges in college can result in losing financial aid or scholarships, or getting kicked off of a sports team or out of school.

An experienced criminal defense lawyer can help you understand the charges you face as well as courses of action you can take to stand up for your rights and your future.