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Parenting tips for divorce dads

On Behalf of | Feb 12, 2015 | Fathers' Rights |

Going through divorce as a parent can be very hard and both men and women; however, it can be especially hard on fathers who have to deal with the presumption that mothers are the better parent.

At our law firm in Columbus, Ohio, we work with men who are in all stages of divorce and child custody proceedings. Our No. 1 objective with these clients is to listen, in order to identify their goals so that we can map out a strategy to reach those goals.

But we also want to offer support to our male clients after their divorce or child custody case has ended, which is why we wanted to share some great tips from the author of “How to Be a Good Divorced Dad,” a 2012 book that is available for purchase on Amazon.

In an interview with Yahoo! Parenting, the author provided many tips for divorced dads, including these:

Show your children love and support by being consistent. That means showing up when you say you will and being emotionally present when you are spending time with your children, the author said. It also means attending parent-teacher conferences, extracurricular activities and other functions whenever possible.

Make the time that you spend with your child special. The author suggested planning out fun activities like going to a museum or the movies instead of just watching TV at home. Also remember that the time you spend bonding with your child is more important than anything you could buy them, the author advised.

Make every effort to get along with your ex when the kids are present. Even though you might not like your ex very much, it’s still important to treat her with respect, especially when your children are around, the author said. Otherwise, kids can get caught in the middle and believe that they were the reason for the split.

These are some great tips for dads to keep in mind as they help raise their children after a divorce or separation.