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Could marijuana soon be legal in Ohio?

On Behalf of | Mar 11, 2015 | Drug Charges |

Once denounced as being a dangerous “gateway” drug, America’s perception on pot is beginning to change. So far, there are 23 states that have legalized the use of marijuana in some form, and four states have now legalized its recreational use.

At the height of the “War on Drugs,” numerous Americans were sent to jail or prison for marijuana-related offenses. Still today, a marijuana possession charge can lead to jail time and hefty fines, and can stand in the way of getting a job or qualifying for loans in Ohio and many other states.

But that could soon change.

This November, Ohio voters may have the opportunity to decriminalize marijuana in the state. The Indy Star reports that if voters decide to side with marijuana, Ohio could become the first state to go from a total ban on the drug to permitting its production and consumption under the law.

Apparently, the push to legalize pot in Ohio is being led by a group called Responsible Ohio, which has purposed a ballet measure on the issue. The group is also reportedly busy scouting sites where large marijuana-growing facilities could be built in the state.

In addition to creating a lucrative market for legalized pot, the group’s proposed ballot measure would also reportedly make it legal for individuals to grow a limited number of marijuana plants for personal use.

Although major changes could be on the way for Ohio’s marijuana laws, it’s important to remember that the current laws banning marijuana are still in effect, and prosecutors will continue to aggressively go after those who are charged.

That’s why it’s so important to have an experienced criminal defense lawyer on your side if you end up facing marijuana charges before any major reform takes place. 



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