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When an ex-spouse engages in parental alienation

On Behalf of | Mar 6, 2015 | Child Custody |

For parents who have been through a divorce, their parental rights can be a very important and cherished thing. These rights can be essential in a parent being able to have a chance to have the strong relationship they want with their kids in the wake of the major changes in a family a divorce triggers.

Thus, it is understandable that a parent can be incredibly concerned and worried when they suspect that their parental rights are under attack from wrongful conduct by their ex-spouse. They may wonder what they can do to address such attacks and prevent the attacks from ruining their chances of having a good relationship with their kids. 

Our firm can provide legal guidance to parents who are being subjected to wrongful attempts to undermine their parental rights. We strive to help our clients who are facing such wrongful conduct from an ex-spouse find ways to protect their parental rights.

Sometimes, a wrongful attempt by an ex-spouse to undermine a parent’s parental rights involves things like the ex-spouse blocking the parent from receiving the visitation or custody time a court order grants them.

Other times, it involves attempts by an ex-spouse to poison the parent’s relationship with the kids. Wrongful relationship poisoning efforts can involve a lot of things, including: telling lies about the parent to the kids, making false accusations of wrongdoing against the parent and trying to brainwash the kids to be against the parent. These sorts of things are referred to as parental alienation. 

Parents who are being subjected to parental alienation efforts by an ex-spouse may have legal options available to them. Individuals interested in learning about parental alienation claims may find our page on the topic a helpful place to start.