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Why to fight a ‘minor’ drug charge

On Behalf of | Mar 12, 2015 | Drug Charges |

If you are facing a minor drug charge, such as possession of controlled substances or drug paraphernalia, you may be wondering if you should just plead guilty and move on from the charge as quickly as possible. After all, these charges usually do not lead to jail time or probation.

But today we are going to explain why pleading guilty is usually a huge mistake. 

First, of all, it’s not easy to “move on” from even a minor criminal conviction because your criminal record follows you. It can stand in the way of you being hired for a job, or qualifying for a loan or place to live. Therefore, a “minor” charge can have a major effect on your life.

In fact, people who plead guilty to minor drug charges often have to spend time and money years down the road trying to get their criminal records expunged after learning this the hard way.

The best thing to do after being charged with a minor drug crime is to talk to an attorney who can help you fight the charges. Most people don’t realize how having the right lawyer on your side can completely change the outcome of your case.

Although you are probably very anxious to deal with the charges against you so that you can move on with your life, it’s important to deal with it effectively the first time so that you can truly move on.

Our Columbus law firm assists people of all ages in criminal cases involving marijuana and prescription drugs, including minors and college students. We understand how pleading guilty can derail your future, which is why we want to help you avoid this mistake.

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