There were 34 members of the same Ohio family arrested regarding an alleged drug bust. Police reportedly also seized $400,000 in cocaine during the arrests.

The actions of law enforcement officers apparently began sometime last year when investigation of this matter began. Efforts by officials increased during the past couple of months and resulted in arrests on March 13 and March 16. Besides 3.4 kilos of cocaine, authorities also supposedly seized five guns and approximately $85,000 in cash. The claimed leads purportedly paid for large-scale purchases from dealers in Cleveland.

The individuals arrested in the sting whose information was available ranged in age from 20-years-old to 67-years-old. It’s unknown if any of those arrested were minors. The charges for many of those arrested involved allegations of cocaine trafficking. There were also charges of conspiracy to traffic cocaine brought against certain members of the family and most faced felony charges. One member faced charges of possession of heroin, carrying of a concealed weapon and a number of other counts.

Obviously if convicted these individuals are facing severe criminal penalties. However, it’s important to remember that prosecutors need to demonstrate guilt before any conviction is allowable. Also, evidence brought against the family members must be allowable in court. We need to take all steps to prevent introduction of illegally obtained evidence. Finally, we cannot assume anyone is guilty simply because of association with other individuals who may be guilty of crimes.

Anyone charged with drug crimes are facing serious consequences. For this reason, the advice and counsel of knowledgeable and skilled criminal defense attorneys is invaluable.

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