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Toll Free   888-641-0805

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Don’t let heroin charges lead you further astray

On Behalf of | May 13, 2015 | Heroin |

Have you seen the movie “Wild,” starring Reese Witherspoon? Released in 2014, the movie details a woman’s struggle to put her life back together while hiking the Pacific Crest Trail.

It is based on a real-life memoir by a woman who actually hiked more than a thousand miles by herself in mountainous terrain after losing her mother, her marriage and becoming addicted to heroin.

The woman’s tale is extremely inspiring and shows the strength we all have deep inside, even after our lives have spiraled out of control.

However, the woman’s journey and recovery would not have been possible if she had died as a result of her drug use or had been sent to jail. In either case, the woman’s story would have had a very different ending.

That’s why people who are facing heroin possession charges must take the situation very seriously in order to regain control of their lives.

Working with an experienced criminal defense attorney can help put forward the best defense possible, while also making sure that the situation does not escalate.

One option that people facing this situation in Ohio and West Virginia have is taking part in the drug court program. Not only can successfully completely the drug court program lead to having their charges dismissed, the program focuses on rehabilitation, so people have the best opportunity to get their lives back on track.

If you or someone you love is facing heroin charges, contact our firm to let us help you create a happy ending and not a tragic one.

We all have the strength necessary to make changes and live a better life. Sometimes we just need someone else to show us the trail to get there. Keep reading for more information about our compassionate and experienced legal services.



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