A man and a woman each received multiple drug charges for possession of marijuana, LSD, hash and heroin after being pulled over by the Campbell Police Department. The traffic stop took place on Wilson Avenue while an officer conducted a routine patrol of the neighborhood. The officer said that he initiated the stop because the registration sticker on the license plate was not fully visible.

According to the police officer’s report, he told the man and woman occupying the vehicle to get out after he smelled marijuana. A search of the car produced a glass jar that appeared to contain narcotics. The jar had been located in the trunk. The police department confirmed the arrest of the individuals and stated that they were being held without bond. Authorities applied additional citations to the male driver, who was driving without a license and driving while under a suspension.

A person in a similar situation might seek legal representation when dealing with the criminal justice system. Obtaining the services of an attorney might enable the person to get a judge to set a bond, which would then make getting out on bail possible. Furthermore, an attorney could inform the person about applicable constitutional rights regarding making statements to authorities.

Someone arrested on drug possession charges might wish to consult with an attorney before entering a plea. An attorney might also be helpful in negotiating a plea bargain that could result in reduced charges and penalties. If the person chooses to fight charges, an attorney might challenge evidence and try to get it removed, especially if it was collected in violation of the person’s protection against an unlawful search and seizure.

Source: WKBN, “Two arrested in Campbell, charged with drug possession“, July 13, 2015