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2 accused of selling heroin that resulted in overdoses

On Behalf of | Aug 11, 2015 | Drug Charges |

On Aug. 4, Ohio authorities filed charges against two men after it was believed that they were involved in two heroin overdoses. One of the overdoses occurred on July 25 while the second occurred on Aug. 2.

The first overdose, which resulted in a fatality, took place in the 1300 block of Grant Avenue in Cuyahoga Falls. An investigation into the incident by the Cuyahoga Falls Narcotics Unit revealed that a 28-year-old Silver Lake man allegedly provided the heroin. The Narcotics Unit investigated and arranged for a delivery of the drug by the suspect. It was reported that the man was preparing to turn himself into the authorities through his criminal defense attorney. He was facing drug trafficking and corruption charges.

The second overdose reportedly took place in the 4200 block of Americana Drive. The individual who overdosed was taken to a nearby hospital for treatment. The Narcotics Unit took the 24-year-old Cleveland man who was accused of being involved into custody after allegedly arranging to purchase heroin from him. He was ultimately charged with trafficking in drugs and corrupting another person with drugs. He was being held in Summit County Jail when the report was released.

When a person is charged with drug distribution, the consequences could range from probation and fines to incarceration. The severity of the charges and the potential consequences depend on several factors, including if there was a death involved and if the person had prior drug convictions. There are several different strategies that a criminal defense attorney can employ depending on the case. For example, the attorney may argue that certain evidence may not be admissible in court if the authorities did not have a warrant to conduct a search.

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