It was reported on Sept. 30 that Ohio authorities were involved in a six-state crackdown that ran from Sept. 24 to Sept. 27. In total, 37 felony drug arrests were made on Ohio’s highways alone. The other states involved in the crackdown included Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Michigan, Kentucky and Indiana.

According to a spokesperson for the Ohio State Highway Patrol, the goal of the crackdown was to reduce felony crimes that were occurring on public roadways. The authorities also made 155 misdemeanor arrests for offenses related to marijuana possession. Ohio authorities have been cracking down on unsafe drivers or those believed to be involved in drug-related crimes throughout the summer of 2015. For example, officers targeted distracted driving, speeding and safety belt violations on the state’s highways.

People who are charged with drug possession could potentially face prison sentences and be required to pay fines in addition to losing their job if convicted. Because a conviction can have a lasting effect on a person’s life, those who are in this type of situation may want to immediately meet with a criminal defense attorney to develop a defense strategy to use before or at trial.

A variety of defenses may be available. If the drugs were found as a result of a traffic stop, the attorney could argue that there was no probable cause for the stop, potentially invalidating the search and resulting seizure. If this represented the first offense for the defendant, the attorney could seek an arrangement with the prosecutor that would offer a guilty plea in exchange for a requirement to successfully complete a drug diversion program in lieu of more serious penalties.

Source: Cleveland, “Ohio troopers make 37 felony drug arrests, 155 marijuana arrests in 6-state crackdown“, Robert Higgs, Sept. 30, 2015