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Divorce and family conflict

On Behalf of | Jan 11, 2016 | Divorce Mediation |

Ohio couples who are going through a divorce may benefit from some basic mediation strategies. The holidays can bring up numerous conflicts for divorcing spouses, and some situations may lead to long-term problems in the family dynamic. When this occurs, mediation is often the best option to help facilitate more productive communications between family members. Mediators privately provide resolution to family disputes in a peaceful manner.

Despite its effectiveness, most people are unaware of what conflict mediation actually does. Mediation is voluntary and confidential, allowing family members to have their needs addressed in a professional way. Mediation offers a platform for discussion in a civil manner and helps family members talk productively about their problems and solutions. Most mediation cases are settled with one or two sessions at the family’s convenience.

The purpose of mediation is to create a written agreement that meets each member of a family’s needs. While these documents are not legal in nature, they provide structure to the conflict resolution process. Mediators are never adversarial and they seek to engage all participants in constructive problem solving. Many mediators are able to help settle disagreements between divorcing couples in a way that makes the divorce process go more smoothly for all involved.

Working with a professional mediator can help someone considering divorce work through personal conflict with a spouse or other family members, but legal consultation may also be necessary. Working with an attorney can help when matters of child custody and visitation become too complicated to settle through mediation. A family law attorney may also recommend certain tactics to help a divorcing client come to practical solutions for matters of asset division, alimony payments and other divorce legal issues.