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Minimizing co-parenting conflicts

On Behalf of | Jan 6, 2016 | Child Custody |

While many ex-spouses completely sever their ties after divorce, this is not always possible for those who have children. In order to avoid more time in the Ohio court system, it may be necessary to develop strategies for navigating and resolving conflicts over co-parenting. Children can benefit greatly from a parenting arrangement that minimizes stress for them, but because divorce tends to be caused by stressful issues, it may be difficult for parents to work together without at least occasionally butting heads. However, it is helpful to plan ahead to keep these challenges to a minimum.

It is important to work together toward solving conflicts and challenges. By treating the other parent as a partner in matters concerning the child, it may be possible to avoid most negative interactions. This would be comparable to meeting with a teacher or sports coach to address important matters. Unfortunately, there are cases in which the other parent might continue to be argumentative or rude. Recognizing that this is unproductive is a starting point for avoiding being baited into an argument. It is better to continue to focus on the facts and objectivity than to respond emotionally.

There can be unexpected circumstances that interfere with visitation and other plans, and both parents may need adjustments to schedules at times. Presenting reasonable solutions when making such requests can be helpful. However, it is also important to create boundaries to avoid negative conversation or inappropriate and inconvenient arrangements.

In a co-parenting situation that involves frequent problems with a parent showing up on time to pick up or drop off a child, there could come a point at which a modification might be needed. It may be possible to present the offending party with a choice of being on time going forward or dealing with a return to court to restructure the parenting plan.