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The Free Hugs Project is exactly what we all need right now

On Behalf of | Sep 29, 2016 | Criminal Defense |

Call us cheesy to write about the Free Hugs Project on a lawyer blog, but we can take it, especially when the project is about bringing out the humanity in all of us during a time when we desperately need it.

Watch when the Free Hugs Project – a.k.a. peace activist Ken Nwadike, Jr. – went to the Republican National Convention in Cleveland in July to distribute free hugs to the police:

“Beyond the uniform, you guys are people,” Nwadike says. “You guys have families. You guys have kids. I’ve got babies at home. I want everybody to live. I want everybody to do well. You guys are awesome. Thank you for keeping the streets safe.”

What is the Free Hugs Project?

The Free Hugs Project, according to Wikipedia, produces motivational videos. Its mission is to “spread love” and raise awareness of social issues, including the violence between police officers and citizens.

This is why we need the Free Hugs Project:

It seems you can’t go a day without hearing of a citizen – often a black man – being shot down in the street or otherwise having his rights severely trampled by law enforcement. And, if not homicide, you hear of violent altercations between the citizenry and law enforcement.

But there is often no black and white case, no cut-and-dry way of dealing with these issues.

The facts in every case are different from every other. In some cases, the police officer seems not to have had any justifiable reason to use deadly force. In others, the facts aren’t quite so clear.

Will body cameras make a difference?

The use of body cameras may change the situation. A recent study indicates that body cameras reduce complaints against police by 93 percent, as ABC News reports, but body cameras alone likely won’t entirely solve the problem.

The Free Hugs Project is real positivity.

The videos have amassed millions of views – and it’s tough to deny that the Free Hugs Project is a bona fide vehicle of positivity in a time when all we seem to hear and see is negativity.



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