True, but only under very limited circumstances.

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It’s the new year, which means new laws. In Ohio, one of those new laws involves traffic lights. “Drivers can go through red lights under certain situations,” according to WHIO News, “but police are cautioning motorists.”

The caution is that drivers can only go through red lights if the red lights aren’t working as they should.

Drivers cannot blow a light just because they were stopped too long.

All drivers have experienced traffic lights that just seem to take forever to change to green. But the new law isn’t meant for that. WHIO quotes an Ohio officer: “This is about safety. We don’t want the driver to approach a red light, wait for a couple of seconds and determine that it is malfunctioning and then blow through a red light. You still have to proceed with caution.”

At the end of the day, if you blow a red light, and you get into an accident, you’ll have to prove that the light was malfunctioning. In other words, this usually won’t be much of a defense or excuse in a criminal traffic case or personal injury case, respectively.

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