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It’s official: Times have changed in families and divorce.

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Fathers Have Rights

In the past, men were the sole breadwinners in the vast majority of American homes, and husbands entering divorce proceeds could pretty much expect to lose significantly in terms of asset division, spousal and child support and parenting time.

However, those days are behind us. The statistics bear out that the traditional roles of fathers as sole breadwinners with only minor importance in their children’s lives relationally are changing.

The Changing Role of Fathers

A recent Pew Research Center report shows some interesting statics regarding the changing role of fathers in American families.

First, fathers are far more involved in their children’s lives than ever, and on average more people are appreciating the importance of fatherhood compared to years past.

Second, fathers are far less likely to be the only working adult in families than in the past. More often, women are either the sole breadwinners or both couples bring in a more equal share.

Third, men see their fatherly role as more important than in the past. More dads than ever are acknowledging how important their role is. This fatherly role can include providing for their children financially, spending time with them and supporting them emotionally.

What Do These Changes Mean for Your Divorce?

Times are changing in the culture, and in many ways they already have changed in the legal environment.

Courts have always looked for equity and the best interests of the child; that hasn’t changed. However, courts used to assume that the “best interest of the child” should automatically result in much more time with the mother and minimal involvement of the father in parenting plans. And “equity” would mean the father would pay significantly in child and spousal support.

Now, in the vast majority of divorces there is no such presupposition on the part of the judges. They will look to see the respective income level of each spouse and remain open to more actually equality in terms of custody and parenting time.

The good news for fathers is that they no longer have to assume they will get the short straw in divorce negotiations and litigation. If you are a father seeking divorce, the best thing you can do is contact a knowledgeable, experienced lawyer to help you through the process and protect your rights.