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Protecting Yourself in Divorce

On Behalf of | Nov 10, 2017 | Divorce |

One of the major misconceptions of divorce is that the courtroom battle is the only way to win your respect and get the outcome you need. If you aren’t willing to fight it out in court, the reasoning goes, you will probably lose your opportunity to get the financial outcome you need and the parental rights you deserve.

There is a Better Way

But what if there is a better way? What if you can get through the divorce process without all the contentious battling that is usually associated with the traditional divorce process, while still getting the outcome you desire in your divorce? In fact, mediation can help you resolve divorce conflicts equitably while potentially getting you better results.


Divorce Mediation Can Help You Protect Yourself in Divorce

Mediation is a simple process in which the divorcing couples meet to reach agreement on the disputed aspects of their divorces. Both parties can have their attorneys with them to protect their rights and interests, but the essence of mediation is to work together, minimizing the conflict and seeking positive outcomes.

Through mediation you can protect yourself from:

  • Bullying and stressful conflict in divorce
  • Extended time to get through the crowded court dockets to have your divorce case heard
  • The extra expenses involved with drawn-out court cases
  • Missing the opportunity to get the best financial outcome possible in terms of spousal support, child support and division of assets
  • Handing over control of the process and outcome to a judge rather than retaining that control yourself
  • The invasion of privacy that comes from the more public proceedings in traditional divorce
  • The emotional fallout and relational challenges that result from a contentious divorce

Especially if you and your spouse are parents, you will need to have a reasonably functional working relationship in order to continue co-parenting your children. When a divorce ends in a contentious courtroom battle, it can sever the relationship and make it very difficult to work together as co-parents once the divorce process is over.

Do not underestimate the value of an amicable, efficient divorce process like mediation to protect your interests in the divorce process.

In the next blog we will discuss how mediation can help protect your children in divorce.