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Need to know if your spouse is cheating? There’s an app for that.

On Behalf of | Dec 21, 2017 | Divorce |

Most people can hang on in a difficult relationship through almost anything. Almost anything. Except the most absolutely die-hard committed spouses, marital infidelity (cheating) is the one thing that they cannot work through and keep the marriage alive. It is the last straw for most people.

But for many in a struggling relationship, they aren’t sure whether their spouse is really cheating on them. You might be in this position: You are definitely struggling in the relationship, your partner seems distant and you have your suspicions. But you don’t want to quit on the relationship until you know for sure. What can you do?

Yep, Theres an App for That

According to Best Cell Phone Spy Reviews, there’s an app that you can use to intercept text messages, videos and other cell phone usages from another phone, without being detected and without having to actually do anything on the other phone.

Is This a Good Idea?

For most people, this might not be a good idea. Think about it: If you’re relationship is at a place where you have to spy on your partner, it might not matter that much if he or she is actually cheating on you. It might be better to take a couple steps back, learn how to communicate together and even perhaps seek some therapy.

Although it might be a good idea for some very unusual circumstances, in general it might be a little over the top for most marriages.

Another option is to discuss your issues with a skilled family law attorney who can help you determine whether divorce is the right step for you, and help you determine the right timing, the right approach and other important considerations.