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No Access for the Ex: Protecting Your Privacy After a Breakup

On Behalf of | May 16, 2018 | Divorce |

Everyone knows to do some basic security after a breakup. It is important to change locks and any shared bank account details, etc. That would be the basic approach any number of years ago, but in today’s technological world, these basic “analog” efforts won’t come close to protecting your privacy and security after a breakup.

Most people don’t have a full understanding of how many different technological security gaps exist in their day-to-day lives, gaps that could leave them vulnerable to a host of infringements from a vengeful ex.

Common Technological Security Gaps to Shore Up After a Divorce

An interesting recent article in explores the issue of technology and privacy after the breakup of a relationship.

Some types of technology are potentially vulnerable, including:

  • Home security: Many people today have smart security in their homes. More than just a deadbolt, people use integrated software based security. If your ex has access to any part of that system, he or she could likely hack in and have access to your home. The article mentioned how integrated home systems like Alexa or Siri could be given the command to “open the door” and thus override the entire security system.
  • Cell phone and computer security: If an ex has ever had remote access to your phone or computer, it is possible that he or she could hack into every part of your system and find passwords, bank account numbers and other important security information.
  • Online security: So much commerce today involves online transfer of funds. Email accounts, accounts with amazon and other online retailers, bank accounts and other important accounts could be vulnerable to cyber-hacking from an ex who has any piece of information that could provide access.

In the “good old days,” a disgruntled ex would drive by the house or try to embarrass you in public. Now, with the increased use of tech-based security, an angry ex can do a lot more damage.

Make sure, as part of your divorce or breakup, you take care to reset all your passwords and make sure all your systems are secure.